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Yax Shah Known as Raja

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Some of you may recognise me as RAJA, but my true name is Yax. I’d want to explain who I am and how I excel in mobile technology. In 2014, I began my career as a mobile software professional. I had begun to learn how to install the mobile OS, delete passwords, and unlock the phone’s carrier lock. These are the main points I discovered. Then, in 2019, I began writing blogs. Blogs about breaking passwords on any device, unlocking phones from any carrier, rooting devices with the newest os modification, current software updates, latest unlocking techniques, upcoming mobile phones, and OS tricks and tweaks.I have a terrific collection of consumers that believe and trust me completely. They constantly inspire me to believe that you can achieve anything. You are capable of resolving any software and unlocking difficulties, which always makes me happy. I never betray their confidence or disappoint them.

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